Poster Awards

The IAWMH scientific committee will award one poster per day among those posted.
The prizes for the best posters will be awarded at the closing ceremony of the congress on March 8th.

The members of the jury are:

Anne Buist, Australia                                      Soraya Seedat,  South Africa

Prabha S. Chandra, India                               Florence Thibaut, France

Toshiko Kamo,  Japan                                     Victoria Valdez,   Ecuador

Josyan Madi-Skaff,  Lebanon                        Kimberly Yonkers,  USA

Anita Riecher-Rössler,  Switzerland

The posters selected for the poster awards are:
Wednesday 6 March 2019 – 12:45 pm – 2:30 pm Salon Honnorat

P004 – Self-Perceived Probability of Pregnancy and Health-Related Quality of Life Among Employed Married Women Who Wish to Have Children

Shizuko Angerhofer – Iwate – Japan

P009 – Psychological factors influence the overlap syndrome in functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs) among midlife women in South Korea

Seung-Ho Jang – Iksan – South Korea

P015 – Neuralgia associated mental illness: How the community women responses pain in developing country

Shambhu Dutta Joshi – Kathmandu – Nepal

P016 – Psychosexual impact of fibromyalgia in women: a case control study

Rahma Damak – Manouba – Tunisia

P036 – Postpartum PTSD symptoms and related changing drinking habits in young parents: Results from a population-based cohort study

Stefanie Ulke and Susan Garthus-Niegel – Dresden – Germany

P038 – Adjunctive raloxifene for postmenopausal women with schizophrenia: a meta-analysis of randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials

Xiaomin Zhu – Macau – China

P039 – Health Status of Premenopausal Women with Schizophrenia Having Hyperprolactinemia

Deanna L. Kelly – Baltimore – USA

P042 – Negative symptom domains in schizophrenia: sex differences and relationships with real-life functioning.

Annarita Vignapiano – Naples – Italy

P044 – Amisulpride Induced Galactorrhoea and Treatment with Aripiprazole in Patients of Schizophrenia

Paramjeet Khurana – Ludhiana – India

P045 – Sexual functioning in drug- naïve first – episode nonaffective psychosis patients compared with healthy controls. Gender differences and prolactin influence

Nuria Del Cacho – Barcelona – Spain

P046 – Patterns of medical prescription of long-term injectable in women through a multicentric transversal study

Maria Del Pilar Campos Navarro – Cartagena – Spain

P048 – A Web Survey on Mental Health in Climacteric Japanese Women: In Relation to Health App and Wearable Device-Usage, Lifestyle, and Climacteric Symptoms

Kaoru Fujimoto – Tokyo – Japan

Thursday 7 March 2019 – 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm Salon Honnorat

P055 – Association among mothers’ perceptions of infant-directed singing, parenting self-efficacy, and bonding to infants motherhood

Yui Morooka – Tatsuno – Japan

P056 – The role of dyadic adjustment in prenatal parental affective disorders

Sonia Mangialavori – Rome –  Italy

P064 – Unplanned pregnancy in women with mental disorder: prevalence, risk factors and consequences

Alba Roca – Barcelona – Spain

P066 – Excitatory and Depressive Symptoms during Perinatal Period

Alexia Koukopoulos – Rome – Italy

P070 – Acceptance and commitment therapy for moderate to severe mood and anxiety disorders during the perinatal period

Cerith S. Waters – Cardiff – UK

P077 – Portuguese version of the Prenatal Obsessive-Compulsive Scale

Ana Telma Pereira – Coimbra – Portugal

P078 – Postpartum obsessive-compulsive phenomena: a psychometric and epidemiologic study in a Portuguese sample

Ana Telma Pereira – Coimbra – Portugal

P088 – Efficacy and Safety of Brexanolone Injection, a GABA-A Receptor Positive Allosteric Modulator, in Women with Postpartum Depression: Integrated Analyses of Placebo-Controlled Clinical Data

Samantha Meltzer-Brody – Chapel Hill – USA

P089 – Analysis of the Efficacy and Safety of Brexanolone Injection in Subgroups from an Integrated Dataset of Placebo-Controlled Postpartum Depression Studies

Samantha Meltzer-Brody – Chapel Hill – USA

P091 – The quality of lactation studies of lithium: a systematic review

Maria Luisa Imaz – Barcelona – Spain

Friday 8 March 2019 – 12:45 pm – 2:30 pm     Salon Honnorat

P100 – Intranasal oxytocin increases stress reactivity in recreational cannabis-using women

Stephanie Collins Reed – New York – USA

P104 – Violence against wives by substance dependent men

Bhagyalakshmi Nanjayya Subodh – Chandigarh – India

P107 – The relationship between reproductive factors and depression in postmenopausal women

Beomwoo Nam – Chungju – South Korea

P111 – PTSD in Tunisian women with newly diagnosed breast cancer

Feten Fekih-Romdhane – Manouba – Tunisia

P121 – Development and validation of an assessment instrument of sexual violence and gender discrimination amongst medical residents

Diana Patricia  Guízar-Sánchez  – Mexico City – Mexico

P122 – Gender Patterns during medical specialty training in Mexico

Diana Patricia  Guízar-Sánchez  – Mexico City – Mexico

P123 – Sexual and Gender based violence (SGBV) in refugee settlement in Northern Uganda

Tamaki Hatano – Fukuoka – Japan

P128 – Exploring femicide statistics in Latin America – Ecuador

Victoria Valdez – Guayaquil – Ecuador

P136 – Childhood Trauma and Premenstrual Symptoms: The Role of Emotion Regulation

Inbal Reuveni – New York – USA